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Sample stories of those with LBD

Case Study #2


Case Story # 2
The following is a case story involving a patient who will be referred to as “Rick” (not his real name) Thank you to Rick’s wife for sharing their journey.

Year 1, 2010 age 63-64

Rick had a colonoscopy early in the year. He drank the whole gallon of the prep, and waited several hours before having any results in the middle of the night. He was given the sedative. At the time the gastroenterologist said that the sluggish response to prep was not normal.
Rick started having trouble with anxiety shortly afterwards. Read the rest of this entry

Case Study # 1


Case study _1

Case study #1
When my husband was first diagnosed with Lewy Body Disorder, I was desperate for information. My father had had Parkinson’s Disease for 20 years at that time, so I was very familiar with that disease, but I knew LBD was more aggressive and would eventually require more care. Read the rest of this entry