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It’s Showtime!


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A note to all those friends and family members who think our loved ones are “just fine.”

“My friend came to see my dad and he greeted her and talked pretty good. The next time she came (he) had no idea she was even there and way out if it. It was refreshing to have her see what I see daily with the fluctuations in attentiveness. She finally gets what I try to explain to my friends.”

Whenever someone says “dementia” the vast majority of those not dealing with the situation automatically assume you’re referring to Alzheimer’s. They have no idea there are several different types of dementia with Alzheimer’s only being one of them. While some might not think that’s an important issue, for those dealing with Lewy Body Dementia, it’s a never ending source of frustration.

Lewy Body Dementia is not like Alzheimer’s.

There are some things in common, of course. According to Medical Dictionary “Dementia is a loss of mental ability severe enough to interfere with normal activities of daily living, lasting more than six months, not present since birth, and not associated with a loss or alteration of consciousness.”

Both Alzheimer’s and Lewy Body Dementia share those characteristics, but LBD has many added components not typically present in Alzheimer’s. It’s been said that LBD is like having Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Schizophrenia all at the same time. Read the rest of this entry