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What to do when first diagnosed

Tips For Those Starting This Journey


Quick Tips!

Recently, I asked an online support group for advice they could give to someone just starting this journey. Below are the tips they suggested:

Dealing with Doctors and Nurses
•Research everything thoroughly, but go with your gut, even if it’s against doctor’s orders.
•It is also good to keep a notebook for doctor’s visits or what meds don’t work well for Lo and the good advice you get from this site that you may need later. Would be lost without my Dr. notes
•Don’t be afraid to question doctors. They know very little about LBD. Read the rest of this entry

The issue of life expectancy


Life Expectancy
by Jeff Maruna
The issue of life expectancy and LBD is one is always in the forefront of every caregivers mind. Its impact on so many sectors is legion.

My personal experience
Let me share my speculative vision of LBD progression of time lines with some personal observations. We got Kathy’s (my wife) Lewy diagnosis in 2007 after several years of what I soon came to learn were the behavioral symptoms of LBD. Read the rest of this entry