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The Inner __itch


Change can be a...problem

Lewy Warriors welcomes guest blogger, Irene Goetze as she shares her personal journey with Lewy and her inner _itch (Fill in the blank at your discretion *wink*)

The Inner _itch

Years ago, I found the perfect mug. It wasn’t appropriate to take it to school, so I enjoyed using it at home. My mother-in-law could read the black print on the pink mug: “You think it’s easy being a ____itch?” and she’d ask, what was easy. She didn’t notice the “B word” written in a flowery white script. The mug made me laugh because I knew that I had some _itchiness (chose your initial consonant) in me.

But I was in control.

Control was easy once. Gregg and I were educators with jobs that we enjoyed. Our children grew up, got married, successfully pursued careers, and presented us with grandchildren. On occasion I would get angry, maybe _itchy, and get over it. We finally had enough money to do what we wanted. Read the rest of this entry