Glossary of commonly used terms:
AD- Alzheimer’s Disease
ADL-Activities for daily living-Examples include: dressing, bathing, eating…
Assisted Living Facility(ALF)– a facility that provides care one step below skilled nursing care. These facilities usually do not provide invasive care such as IVs or feeding tubes.
CCRC- Continuing Care Retirement Community– A community that provides several levels of care including independent living, assisted living and sometimes skilled nursing care.
DON director of nursing-usually at nursing homes, assisted care facilities etc.
DX- diagnosis
Festination– a shuffling, stutter step often seen in people with Parkinson’s/LBD
Fluctuating cognition A characteristic of LBD that differs from Alzheimer’s is the fluctuation of thought and confusion. A person with LBD will have periods of seemingly normal function followed by periods of confusion and low functioning. These periods can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks. At first, the “good” periods last longer than the “bad” times, often lulling the caregiver into thinking there may have been a mistake in diagnosis. Eventually, the situations reverse with the good periods becoming less frequent and lasting for shorter periods.
Lewy Bodies– clumps of proteins found in the brain cells of individuals with LBD and Parkinson’s disease. It is not sure if these proteins cause the disease or if they are caused by the disease.
LO-Loved one. Used to refer to the person the caregiver is helping
LBD- Lewy Body Disorder/disease/dementia. There are a variety of other ways this can be referenced including Diffuse Lewy Body Disorder (DLBD), and Dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB)
PD- Parkinson’s disease. Many doctors feel LBD is a form of Parkinson’s as both diseases are earmarked by the presence of Lewy Bodies.
PDD- Parkinson’s Disease Dementia-usually used if the dementia develops after years of Parkinson’s
QOL- quality of life
Respite– taking a break or vacation from caregiving duties
Showtimewhen a loved one “perks up” or seems better than usual around company or out in public.
SNF– Skilled nursing facility. Also known as a nursing home
UTI– urinary tract infection- common problem for dementia patients

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