Share your story(1)
Thank you for considering adding your Case Study to our archives. Providing actual stories of those who’ve had Lewy Body Disorder allows caregivers an opportunity to learn more about the progression of the disease. While everyone with Lewy is different, there comes a time when many people need to see the journeys of others in order to prepare for their futures. In order to make the case studies easy to read and understand, please consider using the following guidelines for your story.

1. While it’s perfectly understandable if you wish to keep your loved ones name anonymous (we can provide a pseudonym) please provide the age of onset, sex, and general health issues of your loved one. For example, if she or he had diabetes, heart disease, cancer, or anything else that would influence life expectancy, that would be helpful to share
2. If you don’t remember exactly what year certain things happened, that’s okay. A general clustering of symptoms or events is good enough. For example, you might group the years together as “Years 1-2”, or “The first 3 years____ happened.”
3. Most blog articles are between 1,000-2,000 words. If your story is longer, try to select important events or details you think would provide the most insight for other caregivers.
4. Consider reading Case Studies #1 or #2 to see what types of things you might include.

For any questions or to contribute your story, contact LC at:
Thank you so much for sharing your information with others traveling this path. Information gives caregivers an edge in preparing for the future for them and their loved one. We need all the help we can get.