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Associations and general information:
Lewy Body Dementia Association

Time to nursing home predictor
This tool was developed based on the decline of hundreds of dementia patients. It helps predict how long a patient will have before nursing home placement and death based on their symptoms and the progression of others with similar symptoms.

Fast scale
This is a scale developed for Alzheimer’s patients as a way of following their progression with the disease. Many doctors use it for all dementias in order to keep track of progression.

The Phases of Lewy Body Disorder
Seven stages or phases identified by caregivers for a basic description of progression followed by many with Lewy Body Disorder

Hospice criteria
This is a printable card that gives the criteria for Hospice as well as a breakdown on the FAST level for dementia

QDRS or Quick Dementia Rating System
This 10 question test provides an assessment tool for keeping track of progression.

Lewy Body Composite Score
This test was developed for doctors to use to determine if a person has Lewy Body Dementia. It takes about 3 minutes.

Anticipatory grief
Dealing with the longest goodbye
Another article on Anticipatory grief can be found here

Five things you should never say to someone who has dementia gives examples of the types of conversations you should avoid when dealing with someone who has Alzheimer’s/dementia

Online support groups:
LBD Caring Spouses-On line support for spouses only
Lewy Body Dementia Carers facebook group.

The Raw Side of Dementia Caregiving Facebook group open only to caregivers past and present.

The Lewy Warriors  A blog by caregivers for caregivers.
The Lewy Body Rollercoaster  A blog from Helen and Jim Whitworth,  authors of the book “A caregiver’s guide to Lewy Body Dementia,” a highly recommended resource for those dealing with LBD.
Lewy Body Dementia  A blog filled with useful tips and information by Timothy Hudson.



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